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Silean Nebula – Mass Effect 3 Guide

Silean Nebula – Mass Effect 3 Guide

The Silean Nebula contains the Loropi, Phontes, Kypladon, Nahuala and Teyolia systems. It also contains the Elcor homeworld, Dekuuna in the Phontes

Mass Effect 3 – Walkthrough (Part 83) – N7: Fuel Reactors

N7: Fuel Reactors – A vital depot has gone silent, leaving allied fleets short on desperately needed fuel. Investigate the depot and get it operational again.
Silean Nebula – Kypladon – Cyone
Explorer Achievement / Trophy – Complete three multiplayer matches or five N7 missions.
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Mass Effect 3 Scanning Guide – Silean Nebula

Silean Nebula Scanning guide. Contains Loropi and Teyolia. Planets in these systems are Yasilium, Hyetiana, Oltan, Dekuuna, Hanalei, Nevos and Quirezia. Mass Effects 3 Scanning Guide – Silean Nebula. Here’s your essential guide to getting the most out of the Silean Nebula in Mass Effect 3. Scan those planets to the MAX!

Mass Effect 3 Part 83 – Silean Nebula and The Asari Councillor – 60fps No Commentary

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