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Judge and Executioner – SWTOR Guide

Judge and Executioner – SWTOR Guide

Overseer Tremel will tell you that he is putting you in charge of the sentencing for three prisoners. Each prisoner has been detained for different reasons.

Let’s Play: Star Wars Old Republic Beta pt. 5 – Judge and Executioner

Andrew plays through the Star Wars Old Republic Beta as a Sith Warrior on a quest of blood-thirst and vengeance.

Eternity Vault Guide – Soa – SWTOR

Eternity Vault is the first Operation that was available in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and one of the two shorter introductory Operations that are great first choices for players new to playing Operations. While this Operation is considered quite easy, and you’ll probably be fine to jump right in without a guide, this video will go over all the details of this Operation so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Soa is the final fight in this operation, and also one of the most cinematic fights in the entire game. Although the operation is considered easy when it comes to damage, you can still very easily get yourself killed in this fight, and the goal will be to keep yourself alive long enough to see the whole thing.

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1 – Don’t run too far forward or you will start the fight! Soa starts with a shield, won’t take damage. Avoid nasty green puddles on the ground.

2 – We will need to return to where we start when Soa reaches 75% health as the floor will fall away! Run to the WEST if you get lost. Ranged stay where we start!

3 – To jump down the platforms, FOLLOW THE RAID LEADER! DO NOT RUN FORWARD ON YOUR OWN! There is an optimal pattern to jumping down and not dying. Stack up for healing. Heals yourself if you can.

4 – On middle floor, attack the blue glowing Mind Traps. If you see your name in red, look for a lightning ball and run in to it to explode it away from group.

5 – We will need to return to where we start when Soa reaches 29% health as the floor will fall away! Run to the WEST if you get lost.

6 – On final floor, TANK will need to drag Soa under the floating pillar. In story mode, blue circle on ground shows where, in veteran mode, use the shadow of the pillar. Don’t stand under location or you’ll get hit. When Soa kneels, everyone attack him ASAP until he shields again.

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SWTOR Sith Warrior: Prologue – Judge and Executioner

Part 2 of the Sith Warrior story

Overseer Tremel sends his new acolyte to judge three prisoners, his decisions will be scrutinized upon his return…

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