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Final Fantasy II [Walkthroughs]

Final Fantasy II [Walkthroughs]

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy II.

Final Fantasy II – Dawn of Souls (GBA) Full Walkthrough – Part 2 of 2

00:00 – Quest for Ultima Tome (Start)
03:29 – Castle Fynn Basement (White Mask)
32:05 – Mysidia, Kingdom of Mages
44:47 – Tropical Island (Black Mask)
1:12:39 – Cave of Mysidia (Crystal Rod)
2:02:16 – Leviathan
2:15:40 – Mysidian Tower
3:32:07 – Ultima Tome (Finish)
3:43:40 – Cyclone
4:18:02 – The Emperor (Boss Fight)
4:33:00 – Castle Palamecia
5:15:19 – The Emperor Strikes Back
5:23:24 – Excalibur (Easy to Miss Item)
5:29:45 – Jade Passage
6:02:50 – Pandaemonium
6:55:23 – Final Battle
6:59:32 – End Game Cinematics

Continues from Part 01: https://youtu.be/i6eUdEE2Hdw

This walkthrough had to be split in 2 parts because of 12 hour limit set by youtube.

Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls is a remake of Final Fantasy I & II for Game Boy Advance. This remake is somewhat similar to Final Fantasy Origins released for the original Playstation a few years prior. This remake features improved graphics and revamped battle system which makes the game many times easier than the NES original.

Final Fantasy II remake features additional story-related expansion called Souls of Rebirth. This expansion puts you in control of your friends who perished in the main game. Now they must fight through the depths of the underworld and defeat the Emperor once and for all.

I actually enjoyed playing Souls of Rebirth. Its my favorite bonus dungeon out of all bonus dungeons put into various Final Fantasy remakes. Souls of Rebirth is not available in the original game or any remakes that came before Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls. Ready to test your wits and dexterity? Holey.io at https://holey-io.com is the place to be, offering an exciting online multiplayer experience that's sure to keep you engaged for hours.

Soul of Rebirth walkthrough: https://youtu.be/wSUn57SYXf0

Walkthrough Notes:

– Obtained Excalibur (easy to miss)
– Dawn of Souls remake features only one Blood Sword while the original game had two. Moreover you have a choice whether keep it in the original game or move it over to Souls of Rebirth expansion. I picked Souls of Rebirth.
– Blood Sword is OP.
– Final Fantasy II has the most unique level up system in any Final Fantasy game. Instead of earning flat xp rate you level up every single stat separately.
– Spell levels grow by the number of uses.
– Weapon levels grow when you can’t hit a target. I know there are PLENTY of battles like this throughout the walkthrough. I know these battles aren’t fun to look at, but they make every other encounter easier.
– You can target your own characters with attacks and spells. Its often the most efficient way to gain stats.
– Some locations have really tough random encounters. Deist Cavern, Mysidian Tower and Pandaemonium just to name a few.
– This walkthrough was recorded while playing the game in real life with the same conditions as on a real console. It was split in 9 parts. This includes all the micromanagement which usually occurs at the end of a segment and its usually somewhat lengthy. Everything was left as is. I tried my best to make transitions between parts as seamless as possible.

Originally submitted to www.emu-land.net as VirtualBoyAdvance replay file. This is my original replay.

Final Fantasy 2 PSP Walkthrough Longplay Part 1


playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x79im2xegzs &list=PLt9ms7pAUv05KQzfYh_BiGSv6fTt0qVjO

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SNES Final Fantasy II Video Walkthrough 1/4

This is the first of four videos in the video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / etc of the SNES game Final Fantasy 2 (which is actually FF4) This video goes from the start of the game to right before entering the castle at Toroia

There is only one spot of grinding, which is at 37:06 (you’ll notice the screen fade out and back in to save from having to watch the fights..It saves a bit of time) The reason for grinding was to get Rydia a few extra levels and make sure she learned Lit-1 for the enemies that they would encounter soon.

One mistake I do sort of make is that I kept Cecil’s dark swords thinking I could throw them later on. I was to learn later on that I couldn’t. Thankfully I didn’t really have any inventory problems due to this….

Final Fantasy 2 100% Walkthrough Part 1 The Sorrow

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