• December 29, 2022

Balance Games – Wii Fit Guide

Balance Games – Wii Fit Guide

Wii Fit at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Wii Fit – Balance Games – Table Tilt

Join me on the twisty, windy adventure known as Table Tilt! Our mii, along with a few others have been trapped inside of balls! We must navigate them through 8 levels to free them, can we do it? Play Squid Game and make life-changing decisions. Are you up for it?

Wii Fit – Wii – Ultimate Balance Test

This is the Ultimate Balance Test within the Wii Fit game

Top 10 Wii Balance Board Games

Top 10
Wii Balance Board


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Wii Fit U – All Balance Games (N/Intended) Speedrun in 36:21

Currently not listed as a category. https://www.speedrun.com/wii_fit_u

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