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Scientific Predictions of The Urantia Book

by Irwin Ginsburgh, Ph.D., and Geoffrey L. Taylor

The authors examine about thirty scientific predictions in The Urantia Book, compare them with science's versions, see how much agreement they can find, and how much more they can anticipate. Those predictions that now agree with science and that partly agree constitute about one-third of all the predictions considered. This can be considered remarkable. Most predictions have yet to agree, but this is to be expected of a book with a very long life. More prediction analysis is warranted in the future, as is more detailed study of individual predictions.



Striking Coincidences Between The Urantia Bookthree articles in Science: 309 (2005), and one in Nature, (2005)

By Dr Kary Banks Mullis, Nobel Prize winning chemist, who writes: I suggest that you not be shooting at the messenger; I am just reporting what I have observed.



 Errors in the Science of the Urantia Papers

 Ken Glasziou

 With ever new scientific analysis, statements in the Papers have to be considered anew to test their veracity.



Similarities Between the Dirac-Inspired Planck Vacuum Theory and the Urantia-Book Papers’ Concept of the Vacuum State

William C. Daywitt

In contrast to the Planck Vacuum model, The Urantia Book (UB) Papers define a set of two fundamental energy states which will be referred to here as the UB vacuum (UBV). Similarities between these two descriptions of the vacuum state, the PV and the UBV, are explored.





The Eternal Isle of Paradise

Scientific Confoirmation of Revealed Cosmology 

George Park: In 2007, I began a serious and extended investigation into the astronomic literature for evidence supporting revealed cosmology. I found far more than I ever imagined I would from this research, simply because there has been a truly unbelievable explosion the number of new galaxies identified since 2001. (The number went from about 5 million to at least one billion in a little more than a decade. We have far surpassed the 375 million galaxies we were told we would see in "the not-distant future.") The basic structure of the grand universe as described in the Book is now clearly observable from the arrangement of galaxies in our cosmic neighborhood. It is possible for the first time to positively locate the position of the Eternal Isle of Paradise in the universe at the center of the grand universe, which is about 9 million light-years from us. There is very strong scientific confirmation that the universe looks the way the Book says it does, and not the way the modern theory of Big Bang cosmology says it looks. All of these conclusions are independently verifiable by others, and I am still waiting to hear how others might respond to this objective validation of revealed cosmology.



For over fifty years new discoveries and scientific advancements have been increasingly substantiating the richly detailed historic and scientific information that is contained in The Urantia Book.

This new research brings us to a new level in the documentation of The Urantia Book's unique quality of credibility. For anyone willing to take the time to learn of it, there now exists compelling - objectively verifiable - support for The Urantia Book's authenticity, its superhuman quality of credibility.



Source Related Studies

These studies are a comprehensive analysis of the human sources of concepts found in the Urantia Papers.

The Urantia Book source project sprang to life in the spring of 1992, after I came across a few books from the 1920s and early 1930s that contained close and consecutive verbal parallels with various paragraphs in the Urantia Book. ... At the time of this writing, I have identified about 125 books, which were used in the writing of some 150 Urantia papers. Matthew Block.  March 2016





Palestine Exploration Quarterly, 144, 3 (2012), 164–184   By Ken Dark.  FSA

Although Nazareth has usually been seen by scholars as a relatively minor Byzantine pilgrimage centre, it contained perhaps the most important ‘lost’ Byzantine church in the Holy Land, the Church of the Nutrition – according to De Locis Sanctis built over the house where it was believed that Jesus Christ had been a child.



The Antiquaries Journal, 92, 2012, pp 1 of 28.   By Ken Dark.  FSA

First discovered by accident in 1884 – and thereafter informally investigated by workmen, nuns and clergy, for several decades – the archaeological site at the Sisters of Nazareth convent in central Nazareth has remained unpublished and largely unknown to scholarship. However, work by the Nazareth Archaeological Project in 2006–10 showed that this site offers a full and important stratified sequence from ancient Nazareth, including well-preserved Early Roman- period and later features. These include a partially rock-cut structure, here re-evaluated and interpreted on the basis of both earlier and newly recorded data as a first-century AD domestic building – perhaps a ‘courtyard house’ – the first surface-built domestic structure of this date from Nazareth to be published, and the best preserved. 



Journey to Urmia Island - Robert Sarmast

Journey to Mt. Hermon - Robert Sarmast



The Discovery of Atlantis

This expedition claims the lost continent of Atlantis is in the exact location as the first Garden of Eden described in The Urantia Book.

See also: the Garden of Eden


ACADEMIA is a place to share and follow research, catering for over five million researchers.

It documents those instances where the Urantia Papers have been cited in research.

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In 1983, Dr. Jacques Rheaume at the University of Ottawa wrote a doctoral thesis on the topic “An Analysis of a Revealed Text: The Urantia Book” (Analyse d’un Texte Revele: The Urantia Book).

In 1985, there was an American Academy of Religion Consultation on the theme “The Urantia Book in Religious Studies.”  

In April 2005, Jyri Härkönen did a Master’s Thesis on The Human Concept in The Urantia BookDepartment of Comparative Religion, Faculty of Humanities, University of Helsinki, Finland. 





Civilization—Legends, Images and Revelation

A Urantia-related Ancient History Website   

This labour of love by a long term Urantia Book reader explores the world of early Mesopotamia as told in the book. The highly researched information enlarges the picture of those faraway times.



Origins of Andon and Fonta

Ken Glasziou

Challenges to the conventional wison about the origin of the human species are always welcome.



The Shroud of Turin and The Urantia Book (introduction only)

Do the Urantia Papers uncover the truth?




The Coming Scientific Validation of The Urantia Book

Philip Calabrese



Springtime – A Study of the Future

Henry Begemann

One of the very early readers of the book provides us with insights about the prophetic nature of many of the statements in the Urantia Papers.



There are many quotes in the papers that inspire the imagination, and challenge the adventurous spirit of aspiring mortals. Here are a few to get us thinking:


The first garden

a long narrow peninsula - almost an island - projecting westward from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. (823.1)

The coast line of this land mass was considerably elevated, and the neck connecting with the mainland was only twenty-seven miles wide at the narrowest point. The great river that watered the Garden came down from the higher lands of the peninsula and flowed east through the peninsular neck to the mainland and thence across the lowlands of Mesopotamia to the sea beyond. [823:4]

The Adamic family grounds embraced a little over five square miles. (834.3)

  …in connection with the violent activity of the surrounding volcanoes and the submergence of the Sicilian land bridge to Africa, the eastern floor of the Mediterranean Sea sank, carrying down beneath the waters the whole of the Edenic peninsula. (826.6)


The second garden

The only way open was to the east, and so they journeyed eastward toward the then pleasant regions between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. And many of those who were left behind later journeyed eastward to join the Adamites in their new valley home. (847.1)


The home of Jesus' family in Nazareth

The home of Jesus was not far from the high hill in the northerly part of Nazareth, some distance from the village spring… Their home was located a little to the south and east of the southern promontory of this hill and about midway between the base of this elevation and the road leading out of Nazareth toward Cana. (1349.8)

The home of Joseph and Mary was a one-room stone structure with a flat roof and an adjoining building for housing the animals. …In the back yard, near the animal annex, was the shelter which covered the oven and the mill for grinding grain. (1350.1)


The tomb of Jesus

…they had decided to bury Jesus in Joseph's new family tomb, hewn out of solid rock, located a short distance north of Golgotha and across the road leading to Samaria. (2013.1)

They carried the body into the tomb, a chamber about ten feet square… (2013.3)

This tomb of Joseph was in his garden on the hillside on the eastern side of the road, and it also faced toward the east. [2026:0]

All five of the women then sat down on the stone near the entrance... (2026.3)


New forms of energy

Light, that is, light without heat, is another of the nonspiritual manifestations of the Deities. And there is still another form of nonspiritual energy which is virtually unknown on Urantia; it is as yet unrecognized. (47.1)


The mesotron explains certain cohesive properties of the atomic nucleus, but it does not account for the cohesion of proton to proton nor for the adhesion of neutron to neutron. The paradoxical and powerful force of atomic cohesive integrity is a form of energy as yet undiscovered on Urantia. (479.4)


Still further does the Conjoint Actor display powers which can transcend force and neutralize energy. Such powers operate by slowing down energy to the point of materialization and by other techniques unknown to you. (101.4)


The physical controllers are chiefly occupied in the adjustment of basic energies undiscovered on Urantia. These unknown energies are very essential to the interplanetary system of transport and to certain techniques of communication. When we lay lines of energy for the purpose of conveying sound equivalents or of extending vision, these undiscovered forms of energy are utilized by the living physical controllers and their associates. These same energies are also, on occasion, used by the midway creatures in their routine work. (325.7)


We do not fully comprehend the almost endless changes to which physical energy may be subject. In one universe it appears as light, in another as light plus heat, in another as forms of energy unknown on Urantia. (472.13)


And all of these phenomena of atom building and atom dissolution, as in the highly heated nebulae, are attended by the emergence of flood tides of short space rays of radiant energy. Accompanying these diverse radiations is a form of space-energy unknown on Urantia. (667.0)



Respiration of the universe

The cycles of space respiration extend in each phase for a little more than one billion Urantia years. During one phase the universes expand; during the next they contract. Pervaded space is now approaching the mid-point of the expanding phase… (123.6)



Source materials

we have selected as the basis of these papers more than one thousand human concepts representing the highest and most advanced planetary knowledge of spiritual values and universe meanings. Wherein these human concepts, assembled from the God-knowing mortals of the past and the present, are inadequate to portray the truth as we are directed to reveal it, we will unhesitatingly supplement them… (17.1)


From the vast store of information made available to me, I have chosen that which is best suited to the accomplishment of this purpose. As far as possible I have derived my information from purely human sources. Only when such sources failed, have I resorted to those records which are superhuman. (1343.1)




…only once in a thousand mortal lives is there any great appreciation of harmonics. But be not discouraged; some day a real musician may appear on Urantia, and whole peoples will be enthralled by the magnificent strains of his melodies. One such human being could forever change the course of a whole nation, even the entire civilized world. It is literally true, "melody has power a whole world to transform". (500.6)




These birds are most intelligent, very obedient, and unbelievably affectionate. Such passenger birds have been long extinct on Urantia, but your early ancestors enjoyed their services. (590.1)




While pausing for lunch under the shadow of an overhanging ledge of rock, near Luz, Jesus delivered one of the most remarkable addresses which his apostles ever listened to throughout all their years of association with him. (1728.1 - 2)


The home of Jesus was not far from the high hill in the northerly part of Nazareth, some distance from the village spring, which was in the eastern section of the town. Jesus' family dwelt in the outskirts of the city, and this made it all the easier for him subsequently to enjoy frequent strolls in the country and to make trips up to the top of this near-by highland, the highest of all the hills of southern Galilee save the Mount Tabor range to the east and the hill of Nain, which was about the same height. Their home was located a little to the south and east of the southern promontory of this hill and about midway between the base of this elevation and the road leading out of Nazareth toward Cana. (1349.8, 1350.0)


A crucified person could not be buried in a Jewish cemetery; there was a strict law against such a procedure. Joseph and Nicodemus knew this law, and on the way out to Golgotha they had decided to bury Jesus in Joseph's new family tomb, hewn out of solid rock, located a short distance north of Golgotha and across the road leading to Samaria. (2013.1)



Philosophy of living

The world is filled with lost souls, not lost in the theologic sense but lost in the directional meaning, wandering about in confusion among the isms and cults of a frustrated philosophic era. Too few have learned how to install a philosophy of living in the place of religious authority. (1098.4)



Life design

There are also seven architectural types of life design, fundamental arrangements of the reproducing configurations of living matter. The Orvonton life patterns are configured as twelve inheritance carriers. The differing orders of will creatures are configured as 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, and 768. On Urantia there are forty-eight units of pattern control - trait determiners - in the sex cells of human reproduction. (397.11)



Forms of Government

Throughout this epoch there is a gradual lessening of governmental supervision. True self-government is beginning to function; fewer and fewer restrictive laws are necessary. The military branches of national resistance are passing away; the era of international harmony is really arriving. There are many nations, mostly determined by land distribution, but only one race, one language, and one religion. (597.1)



Machiventa  Melchezidek

It required great determination for Abraham to forego the honors of the Egyptian court and return to the more spiritual work sponsored by Machiventa. But Melchizedek was revered even in Egypt, and when the full story was laid before Pharaoh, he strongly urged Abraham to return to the execution of his vows to the cause of Salem. (1019.5)


The teachings of Amenemope were slowly losing their hold on the Egyptian mind when, through the influence of an Egyptian Salemite physician, a woman of the royal family espoused the Melchizedek teachings. This woman prevailed upon her son, Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt, to accept these doctrines of One God. (1047.1)




But religious leaders are making a great mistake when they try to call modern man to spiritual battle with the trumpet blasts of the Middle Ages. Religion must provide itself with new and up-to-date slogans. (2077.6)


The hope of modern Christianity is that it should cease to sponsor the social systems and industrial policies of Western civilization while it humbly bows itself before the cross it so valiantly extols, there to learn anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths mortal man can ever hear - the living gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. (2086.7)




These wise men saw no star to guide them to Bethlehem . The beautiful legend of the star ofBethlehem originated in this way: Jesus was born August 21 at noon , 7 B.C. On May 29, 7 B.C. , there occurred an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. And it is a remarkable astronomic fact that similar conjunctions occurred on September 29 and December 5 of the same year. (1352.3)



Human consciousness rests gently upon the electrochemical mechanism below and delicately touches the spirit-morontia energy system above. Of neither of these two systems is the human being ever completely conscious in his mortal life; therefore must he work in mind, of which he is conscious. And it is not so much what mind comprehends as what mind desires to comprehend that insures survival.
(1216.6, 1217.0)


Throughout the mind functions of cosmic intelligence, the totality of mind is dominant over the parts of intellectual function. Mind, in its essence, is functional unity; therefore does mind never fail to manifest this constitutive unity, even when hampered and hindered by the unwise actions and choices of a misguided self. And this unity of mind invariably seeks for spirit co-ordination on all levels of its association with selves of will dignity and ascension prerogatives. (1217.5)




Personality. The personality of mortal man is neither body, mind, nor spirit; neither is it the soul. Personality is the one changeless reality in an otherwise ever-changing creature experience; and it unifies all other associated factors of individuality. The personality is the unique bestowal which the Universal Father makes upon the living and associated energies of matter, mind, and spirit, and which survives with the survival of the morontial soul. (9.1)




Soul. The soul of man is an experiential acquirement. As a mortal creature chooses to "do the will of the Father in heaven," so the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of this same emerging reality. The substance of this new reality is neither material nor spiritual--it is morontial. This is the emerging and immortal soul which is destined to survive mortal death and begin the Paradise ascension. (8.10, 9.0)



Historical records

A brief recital of the high points in Hebrew history will illustrate how the facts of the record were so altered in Babylon by the Jewish priests as to turn the everyday secular history of their people into a fictitious and sacred history. (1071.5)



Life implantation

While these early lemurs evolved in the Western Hemisphere , the establishment of the direct mammalian ancestry of mankind took place in southwestern Asia , in the original area of the central life implantation but on the borders of the eastern regions. Several million years ago the North American type lemurs had migrated westward over the Bering land bridge and had slowly made their way southwestward along the Asiatic coast. These migrating tribes finally reached the salubrious region lying between the then expanded Mediterranean Sea and the elevating mountainous regions of the Indian peninsula. In these lands to the west of India they united with other and favorable strains, thus establishing the ancestry of the human race. (703.3)



Medical Research

...chemical action and reaction concerned in wound healing and cell reproduction represents the choice of the Life Carriers of a formula embracing over one hundred thousand phases and features of possible chemical reactions and biologic repercussions. More than half a million specific experiments were made by the Life Carriers in their laboratories before they finally settled upon this formula for the Urantia life experiment. (735.3)


When Urantia scientists know more of these healing chemicals, they will become more efficient in the treatment of injuries, and indirectly they will know more about controlling certain serious diseases. (735.4)