U-ran-tol-o-gy:  The study of the Urantia Papers, the sharing of that knowledge 
through discourse and derivative work, the discovery of related facts, the experiential comprehension of revelation.   u-ran-tia:  our heavenly place, the name of this planet.   ol-o-gy:  a subject of study; a branch of knowledge. UranHome1.jpg


The Center of Urantia is an online educational center offering a comprehensive range of subjects in the program of Urantology. There are links to introductory and advanced courses, and direct access to the best available supporting resourses. All material is based on the teachings in the Urantia Papers. 


Urantology is an extensive program of learning offered through The Center for students of the Urantia Papers. It facilitates the search for self knowledge and the discovery of truth. We trust your personal journey inspires faith in a loving God and encourages a desire to spiritually serve the human family.  UranHome1.jpg

The Urantia Papers present to the modern world a new and integrated view of science, philosophy, God, cosmology, and history. These enlarged concepts of advanced truth endeavour to expand religious and philosophical perception. They give greater understanding to life and to universal destiny.  UranHome1.jpg