Courses can be used for self-directed and self-paced study or they can be used as a resource for a structured teaching program. There is no set interpretation of these unified concepts and how the information is applied is a personal decision.

However, the Urantia Papers do provide a universe frame for thinking, and can coordinate personal decisions and actions based on truth, beauty and goodness.














The Perfect Life Plan

Dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living.

The high level of personal development - spiritual insight - can result from the application of the revelations contained in the Urantia Papers.

These sixteen modules can be used as self-directed and self-paced study materials, or they can be used as a resource for a structured education program. For each module, there are comments which may assist in understanding how these teachings can be applied in day to day life.




the harmonious balance of physical, mental and spiritual energies

This course of 36 topics draws on the Urantia Papers to show how we grow in proportion to the expansion of the whole self.

Direct quotations have been collated by topic and presented in a format that is easy to read.



ETHICS   (Table of Contents only))

A collection of one hundred short courses on universal ethics.

How living the ethical life will give us parallels with the morontia life.




MOTA-VATION    (Table of Contents only)

The higher philosophy of Mota is applied to the ascension career with its far reaching goals, exquisite teachings, and divine aspirations.

Quotations from the Urantia Papers are coordinated into a study of the main stages. It allows the student to focus on the motivational aspects of the revelation.

There are thirteen courses with six lessons in each course.



SuperMeditation including the SuperMeditation Flowchart.

Meditation in the Superconscious

Living for today through meditation on the Infinite, and Eternal, and the Universal.



1.     LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS                                               

2.     UNDERSTANDING MEDITATION                                            

3.     NEW CONCEPTS                                                                        


5.     CAUTION 2. FROM MYSTIC TO REALISTIC              


6.     A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE                                                

7.     PRACTICAL ADVICE                                                                 


9.     THINKING AND SPIRIT                                                                


10.  LEADINGS                                                                                  

11.  PRAYER AND SUPERMEDITATION                                      

12.  WORSHIP AND SUPERMEDITATION                                   

13.  RECEPTIVITY                                                                            


14.  SERVICE AND ACTION                                                            

15.  STEPS AND STAGES                                                                

16.  HOW IT WORKS                                                                        

17.  SUPREME GOALS                                                                    

18.  WHY WE HAVE THE NEED TO MEDITATE                                                                        

There is also a supplement of background information. This looks at traditional definitions of meditation, the definition of SuperMeditation, the history of meditation, meditations in various religions, some of the more popular meditations in Western society, and the results of scientific studies to date.



21 Steps to a Spiritual Awakening

The concept of 21 Steps had its basis in the author's appreciation

of the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous as a powerful instrument of spiritual growth.



The Spiritual Teachings of The Urantia Book – A Synopsis



Spiritual Studies

These enlightening narratives provide a clear interpretation and further insight into the teachings in the Urantia Papers. This listing can be found under Spiritual Studies on the Home Page.Life After Death 

Adam And Eve 
Angels In The Urantia Book 
Evolution And History 
Parenting And Family Life 
Topical Studies 
Finding God 




Urantia Book Internet School - UBIS

The Internet School helps students to study The Urantia Book in an electronic setting without the constraints of distance, timetables, and physical presence. Courses will be given in small classes under the guidance of an experienced teacher/facilitator using the "Questions and Response" technique.

Courses on various levels will be organized in all languages into which The Urantia Book has been translated. Studies will be developed on such topics as Mota Teachings, Personality, Mind, Astronomy, Physics, etc. This new and exciting project is a modern adventure in planetary teamwork. 


 Wikiversity - Courses on The Urantia Book

This learning resource is part of the School of Theology and is being organized as a typical Urantia Book study group at Wikiversity.

Urantia University 

Urantia University Institute is Part of a long-range plan to develop a university grounded in cosmic wisdom, ideals and aspiration, Urantia University Institute (UUI) was set up to provide diverse learning paths for students in an online educational environment in which to explore, discern, and actualize the truths and knowledge found in The Urantia Book.





THE URMIA LECTURES (Adapted to twentieth-century religious and political conditions) 

Introduction  (1485.7 – 1486.3)

Sovereignty - Divine And Human  (1486.4 - 1487.7)

Political Sovereignty  (1487.8 – 1490.3)

Law, Liberty, And Sovereignty  (1490.4 – 1491.7)

This was the most systematic and formal of all the Master's teaching on Urantia. Never before or after did he say so much on one subject as was contained in these lectures and discussions on the brotherhood of men. In reality these lectures were on the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdoms of Men." 

We have, therefore, in the following presentation departed more widely from the substance of the Master's teachings at Urmia concerning political sovereignty, at the same time attempting to depict the import of such teachings as they are applicable to the peculiarly critical stage of the evolution of political sovereignty in the twentieth century after Christ. (1487.8)


Discourses and Sermons given by Jesus

One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it. (2090.4)


On The Spiritual Life

About His Mission

About The World

The Sermon on the Mount and the Ordination of the Twelve

The Farewell Discourse







Adam and Eve

Creating Fire

Early Migration to Britain

Early Migration to China

Early Migration to the Americas

Gobekli Tepe


Andites In South America

Animal Domestication

Dog Domestication

Tarim Basin Mummies



Tycho's Nova


Mercury's Rotation

Astronomy and Physics


Biology and Genetics: 

Adam and Eve

Chromosome Count

Eugenics, Race, & The Urantia Book

Horsing Around

Magnetic Sensitivity

Eye, Hair, and Skin Color

Farming In Europe

Lemurs to Humans

Origin of Modern Man



Garden of Eden

Pangaea to Plate Tectonicsj

Sierra Mountains

Ocean Origin

Oldest Rock



Inner Ionosphere

Sierra Mountains

Shroud of Turin




Summary of Philosophy in The Urantia Book

Outline for an Exploratory Study

by Dr Jeffrey Wattles

What is Philosophy?
Thing, Meaning and Value
The Failure of Unification: Science, Philosophy and Religion in Mutual Isolation
Doctrine of Reality: Revealed Substitute for Metaphysics
Philosophy of Mind
Ethics and Morality
History of Philosophy
Epigrams, Attitudes and Philosophy of Daily Living





A Theological Overview of The Urantia Book

By Meredith Sprunger

1. Revelation: Epochal revelation is periodic, successive, and evolutionary. Insofar as the indwelling Spirit reveals truth to individuals, revelation is continuous. Revelation always upsteps the religions of evolution.


2. The Urantia Book View of God: Traditional concepts and contemporary concepts—such as those in Process Theology—are expanded, enhanced and integrated.


3. Cosmology: The book presents an integrated physical and spiritual cosmology describing an extensive hierarchical system of spiritual administrative and ministering personalities.


4. Christology and the Plan of Salvation: Jesus is portrayed as truly human and truly divine. In addition to being the savior of humanity he is pictured as a Creator Son much after the view presented in the prologue of John, Col. 1:15-16, and Hebrews 1:2.


5. The Church and the Kingdom of Heaven: Religious institutions have value but are only social institutions. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual relationship with God and other human beings which transcends social institutions. 


6. Prayer and Worship: The nature and effect of prayer and worship are dealt with in detail and guidelines for more effective prayer are provided.  Worship is the highest privilege and the first duty of all created intelligences.



 Here are some general results of research for study.




THEOLOGY                                       READ THE FULL TEXT ON LINE 
Dr. William S. Sadle


THEOLOGY                                       READ THE FULL TEXT ON LINE 
Dr. William S. Sadler




Creative Parenting: Perfect Family Checklists

Patrick Yesh

Developed from ideas presented in The Urantia Book. A series of checklists and questions designed to stimulate thought and discussion about parenting and family life. 



Preparing for Marriage and Family - Annotated Bibliography for Parents
Julia K. Fenderson.


I. Introduction

Urantian Teachings: Taught by two parents in the home.
Continual process, integral part of family life, vary methods and materials fill needs of differing ability and interest levels of children.
First Priority: Need for Parents' Guide and Parents' Training Courses.
Next Needs: Supplementary materials for pre-school children (ages 2-5) using multi-media (music, art, to help build concepts and vocabulary).


II. The Essential Experiences of Parenthood

"[Parenthood] entails the supreme responsibility of human existence."
"[New mores are emerging among which is] the new role of religion--the teaching that parental experience is essential, the idea of procreating cosmic citizens, . . . giving sons to the Father."


III. The Family and Home

"[Jesus] exalted family life as the highest human duty."
"The family is man's greatest purely human achievement."
"The home is the crowning glory of the whole long and arduous evolutionary struggle."


IV. The Unique Role of the Earthly Father

"[The child] is wholly dependent on the earthly father for his first ideas of the heavenly Father."
(NOTE: The great significance of Jesus' bestowal life here, in which more than half the time was served as an earthly father to eight brothers and sisters, "almost a score of years." P. 1389:5 By comparison, four years were spent with the apostles, and the remaining fourteen were the childhood years.)


V. How Children Learn

Bloom's studies and others indicate that crucial years are from birth to age five,

and growth of 50% of intelligence by age five and 80% by age eight.
Types of motivation for learning used throughout universe career.

VI. Discipline (from "disciple", meaning to teach)


Start discipline early (Jesus' method)

Help develop self-control in children (first in self)
Family council
Work - Jesus advocated keeping busy. Children have small duties early.


VII. Religious Training


Province of the home and duty of parents.
Importance of home life on a neighboring planet.






Consideration of Some Criticisms of The Urantia Book

by Dr. William S. Sadler

Criticisms answered in this document:

1. Theologians and the seminary professors will never endorse The Urantia Book. 

2. The Urantia Book is a revival of Gnosticism. 

3. There seems to be nothing new or original about the cosmology. 

4. Urantia completely ignores the Biblical teachings about man. 

5. Why shouldn't the person who put the Urantia Papers in written English be known?

6. There is no doctrine of sin in The Urantia Book. Neither is there a plan of salvation for lost man.

7. The goal of salvation represents a prolonged scheme of training and even then is indefinite and uncertain. 

8. The loving, kind, and tolerant heavenly Father presented in The Urantia Book is not the God of Exodus who saves sinners. 

9. The Urantia Book almost completely ignores the prophets of the Old Testament. 

10. The Urantia Book is a commonplace hodgepodge of verbiage, just such as numerous automatic writers have produced. 

11. The atonement has vanished in The Urantia Book. So has the majestic and jealous God who punishes his people when they go whoring after other gods. 

12. While there are to be found some new ideas in The Urantia Book, there is not revealed any startling new institution. 

13. The Urantia Book takes away the centrality of Christ in the Christian faith. 

14.  As regards science, this book is dated. It presents a very good picture of the way we looked at the cosmos many years ago. 

15.  The teachings of Jesus as presented in The Urantia Book can be found in a thousand different books, especially in writings prior to 1930. 

16. The narrative of the earlier years of Jesus' life impressed me as being very ordinary, even sophomoric. 

17. In my opinion The Urantia Book is a fraud - a hoax. Those who perpetrated this book are criminals. 

18. The Urantia Book contains no new and original concepts. There is really nothing new in its presentation of cosmology, philosophy and religion. (In reply to this criticism, I submit 64 concepts and doctrines which are new and original as presented in The Urantia Book, not to mention more than one hundred additional narratives which represent enlargement, amplification, and clarification of existing knowledge.)  



A Study of the Master Universe


Click here



to view the entire book online at Urantia Foundation’s website.


Click here to view the Appendices to A Study of the Master Universe.

By Bill Sadler (William S. Sadler, Jr.)

After many years of dedicated study and contemplation of the Urantia Papers, William S. Sadler, Jr. wrote A Study of the Master Universe in which he developed concepts of The Urantia Book. He also wrote 31 Appendices to A Study of the Master Universe – of which 27 were completed and are contained herein.

Contents of the Study:

Author's Introduction
Lesson 1: Prologue in Eternity  
Lesson 2: The Creative Thesis of Perfection: The Finite Story 
Lesson 3: The Evolutionary Antithesis
Lesson 4: First Synthesis: God the Supreme
Lesson 5: Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Universes 
Lesson 6: The Transformation of Synthesis 
Lesson 7: The Second Creative Thesis 
Lesson 8: The Second Antithesis 
Lesson 9: Master Universe Magnitudes 
Lesson 10: The Second Synthesis: God the Ultimate 
Lesson 11: The Final Creative Thesis 
Lesson 12: Beginning of the Final Antithesis 
Lesson 13: The Impossible Synthesis 
Lesson 14: Conclusions 
Lesson 15: First Epilogue: The Final Universe Age 
Lesson 16: Second Epilogue: The Depths of the Final Age 
Lesson 17: Third Epilogue: After the Ending of Endings

Plus: The Appendices to the Study