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Topics include reference works, introductions and interpretations, Urantia histories, Urantia Book/Bible studies, source related works, scientific correlations, and spiritual psychology.




The Urantia Store.

We feature artwork, music, and secondary works that compliment or illuminate the teachings of The Urantia Book.  If you are an artist, musician, writer and a student of The Urantia Book - we invite you to contact us.

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A Study of the Master Universe

William S. Sadler, Jr.

There are Illustrations and Summaries as well as the entire text and Appendicies on line.



The Eternal Isle of Paradise

Scientific Confirmation of Revealed Cosmology

By George L. Park

This work demonstrates how the available scientific evidence confirms the revealed cosmology in The Urantia Book. Very large and observable cosmic structures are shown to align with one another in a plane, as predicted by revelation. The revealed architecture of the universe is confirmed on all cosmic scales as described.



Jean Ascher Book List

Here is the list of material, all related to The Urantia Book, which is in my procession. It is a mixture of source material and secondary UB books.

It is mainly the Magazines which get updated with issues and dates. 

It is agreed in cooperation with the Danish Royal Library, that the completed library will be transferred to their location for conservation for the future.

May Light, Life & Love be with you all as we move forward on our path toward perfection and Paradise.   

Jean Ascher



God, Man, and Supreme
Stuart R. Kerr, III

Introduction only

This literary work is the progressive result of over 30-years of dedicated study of some of the world’s most exciting works of philosophy and theology. The author acknowledges that by far, the most inspiring of these studies is The Urantia Book.


Jesus A Revelation of God: 

A comparative study of the words of Jesus in the Bible and The Urantia Book

See also: What Jesus Said: Words of Jesus Christ from the Urantia Papers Kindle Edition



A History of The Urantia Papers     

by Larry Mullins
with Dr. Meredith Sprunger

The unauthorized, untold story of what may have been the most important happening of the twentieth century.

WE HAVE BEEN TOLD by the mainstream media that if science were to discover that intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe, it would radically change our way of thinking, from top to bottom. Imagine, then, if it were proven that, circa 1906 to 1955, invisible super-intelligent beings collaborated with a small group of humans for the purpose of bringing a revelation of epochal significance to our planet! However, the miraculous materialization of the Urantia Papers can never be proven. And perhaps the superhuman revelators who were involved wanted it just that way. They knew that one of the least desirable reasons to believe anything is because of some supposed supernormal origin. The Urantia Papers were always intended to stand upon their own merits. Their origin was to remain a spiritual mystery, and belief in their authenticity a matter of faith. Somehow, due to indiscretions by a few members of the human contact commission, it didn't work out that way...

From the Foreword to the Second edition


The Urantia Revelation: the Structure and Meaning of the Universe Explained

Malcolm Locke.

Available from Bascom Hill Books, Minneapolis, MN, 2010.

Summary of the story told in The Urantia Book.



An Inquiry Into True Worship                          READ THE FULL TEXT ON LINE 

From God-consciousness to Supreme-consciousness

Meditative, Resonant Thinking for Creating Lasting Value in the Supreme

By Bob Debold



These articles give a critique of Martin Gardner’s book, Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery. They highlight errors, incorrect data, false interpretations and gross inconsistencies contained in his book.

The Purpose of Revelation
A Response to Martin Gardner’s Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery by 
Meredith Sprunger 1995

Moyer letter to Martin Gardner

Article by Paul Jaworsky The Ghost from the Past


Further articles appear in Innerface International by Ken Glasziou:

Vol. 3, No. 1. "Gardner Goofs Again--and Again."  

Vol. 3, No. 4. "Consistency in The Urantia Book"  

Vol. 4, No. 1. "Convergence--The Science Content of The Urantia Book"  

Vol. 4, No. 2. "Swann, Gardner, and The Urantia Book--Protons and Electrons."  

Vol. 5, No. 6. "More on Gardner Goofs"  

Vol. 5, No. 7. "Radii of the Electron and Proton."   

Vol. 5, No. 7. "Piltdown Man."  

Vol. 6. No. 6. "Continental Drift. The Gardner Critique Demolished"  


Vol. 3, No. 1. "Martin Gardner's Urantia. The Great Cult Mystery " by Dick Bain


Other comments:

Sandra Collins SLIS, Univ. of Pittsburgh, wrote in a Library Journal:  "Given the lack of scholarly distance from the subject, the patronizing tone and the gross editorializing, it would be difficult to recommend this book to any library."  

Sarah Levis, a lecturer of the Univ. of Wales, said about Gardner’s book: "His research is worth noting, although his position as a great skeptic does not allow his conclusions much academic credibility."  



The Invention of Sacred Tradition published by Cambridge University Press of the United Kingdom. is an anthology that includes a serious study of the origin and nature of The Urantia Book. The author of the chapter titled: The peculiar sleep; receiving the Urantia Book, is Sarah Lewis. Professor Lewis draws freely from many Urantia related sources for her commentary. In the section on authorship, she refers to a statistical analysis study by Ken Glasziou. This analysis concluded that a minimum of nine authors were involved with authoringThe Urantia Book. Glasziou applied his analysis to Dr. Sadler’s numerous books, and determined that Sadler was not one of the authors of the Urantia Papers.



Edgar Cayce and the Urantia Book

Highly inconclusive examination of the evidence of a link between the sleeping prophet and The Urantia Book.




A number of reference books about the Urantia Papers are invaluable aids to additional study.

The Urantia Book Concordance

  • The Concordance is a reference tool for research and study of The Urantia Book. With the assistance of modern technology, URANTIA Foundation has compiled this comprehensive, easy-to-read, alphabetical listing of all the words contained in The Urantia Book, enabling the reader to quickly locate and cross-reference words.



The Paramony by Duane Faw

  • The Paramony contains over 13,000 cross-references between The Urantia Book and The Bible, almost 10,000 cross references internal to The Bible and several thousand internal to The Urantia Book.  This major work is unique in the way it parallels and harmonizes the two publications.



Jesus - A Revelation of God by Laurence Whelan.

  • The words of Jesus are taken from the four gospels, put into chronological order and combined with The Urantia Book equivalent.



An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation (2nd Edition) by David Bradley.

  • This is an excellent reference tool for those who are first exploring the gigantic contents of this epochal book. Due to the extent of the contents of The Urantia Book, a guide like this is essential to prevent frustration and failure to locate and comprehend vital information. It also provides an invaluable concept coordination for new or seasoned readers.   




Read and listen to The Urantia Book in the many formats available.



The Audio Urantia Book in MP3 Format 
Read by Merritt Horn



WORDS OF CHRIST - From The Urantia Book

There are four albums whose lyrics are the words of Jesus as they appear in The Urantia Book. Please click on the images to hear these albums in their entirety.




Introduction to the Map series  

Then click on First Centurey Palestine (hopefully it is loading ok)

The Map of First Century Palestine

This map shows first century Roman roads, caravan routes and geographic locations referenced in the Urantia Papers.

There are several problems in constructing such a map. These include:

  • ambiguity as to the exact location of some of the sections of first century Roman roads, multiple name changes for towns and villages over the past 2,000 years,
  • multiple towns and villages which have the same name,
  • disputed sites,
  • climatic and geologic changes which even in a short 2,000 years have changed the run of rivers and streams,
  • changes in the location of springs and shifting regions of forestation and aridity.

When a question existed, the German Tubingen data (most recent) was used.  



In His Steps

Thirty-Eight Maps Tracing the Routes Taken by Jesus as described in The Urantia Book.

Urantia Foundation is grateful for the work of the individuals who created this study based on their personal understanding of ideas expressed in The Urantia Book. By making this information available, Urantia Foundation does not seek to endorse any particular interpretation but to inspire individual study and development of one's own personal understanding.  



Maps and charts by John Seres.

This may take some time to download.



An Artist's Conception of the Master Universe